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By supporting our work, you are helping us to fund the production of a facility which will take in, and recycle, much larger quantities of waste. You are also helping us to raise money to go towards research of the waste in our oceans. It is just the beginning, but we know that together we can make a difference for the future of our planet and the animals who call it home.

Every casting has its own unique colour pattern.
we built our machines using recycled materials too.
Waste is our raw material.
we only use recycled packaging material

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Albatross skull recycled plastic plastic in an animals gut

Plastic from a Dead Animals Gut, What to Do With it?

Lately I’ve been thinking about more effective ways of doing the work I’m doing and something struck me that I thought I could write about on here....
Positivity in tough times

Positivity in tough times

Working on new products, and keeping a positive mindset.
recycled plastic rose gold chain white dog

Our journey Begins Here

We are at the start of a journey and I can feel that it’s going to be a big one. Launching Objet D'Fox has been the realisation of a long-time drea...

We Love Plastic

Our mission is to take on one of the most pervasive man made issues impacting our environment, and to do so in a creative and playful way. We aim to show how approaching waste products with enthusiasm can result in innovative and amazing products.  

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