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Our journey Begins Here

We are at the start of a journey and I can feel that it’s going to be a big one. Launching Objet D'Fox has been the realisation of a long-time dream. It started with a budget of $200, I bought a blender and a small oven then got to work learning about the physical properties of certain waste plastics. I remember pulling my first casting out of its mould, it came out terribly! but it was a start.

Recycled Plastic Casting Objet D'Fox

 Although it wasn't a great first outcome, the tiny kernel of success which I had, had sent me flying! That was in early 2015. It has taken a lot of effort to get to this point on this great adventure, and there have been many failures, many setbacks and a heap of breakthroughs to mention. However now, with our machines working brilliantly, we are capable of producing work at a rate which we hadn't been at any other time, and will be growing and expanding into other realms of design and environmentalism, some more functional, some more sculptural.

We are aware that our impact on the global plastic crisis at this point is next to non existent, however we also know that we have room for growth and someday we hope to contribute funds to research in the pacific and to create awareness around how beautiful and interesting these waste products can be.

Dog Wearing Jewellery recycled plastic turtle

p.s. Here is our model, his name is Mac, he looks ravishing don't you think?