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About Us


Objet D’Fox was founded in 2016 by Michael Fox, after several years of experimenting with recycled plastic sculpture. The company began its journey in Timaru, New Zealand, and is now based in Christchurch City. We source our materials from a list of places all around the south island of New Zealand and try to make sure that the plastic we receive was heading to landfill and not to recycle.

Here at Objet D’Fox, we are on a mission to reduce the non-biodegradable material heading to our landfills, both directly and indirectly. We produce striking items from this “waste”. “There is a real irony somewhere in fact that human kind has managed to create a material that never goes away, and yet we use it in almost all of our disposables”. So, seeing as how there are very few ways to actually break plastics down, we thought we would create things that people would want to keep.